The Problem of Hacking


Have you ever wondered why hackers get access to virtually any device they want despite worldwide cybersecurity spending of over $150 billion per year?  Traditional cybersecurity depends upon the impossible task of maintaining blacklists, whitelists, and threat intelligence feeds with perfect, real-time accuracy.  It’s a never-ending cycle of new attack methods constantly staying ahead of outdated data feeds.

So what's the alternative?  The alternative is a self-contained security paradigm that doesn't require feeding it any data feeds whatsoever.  It's security by design.  The video below demonstrates how a data-feed-free security system stops even state-sponsored hackers.  A secure internet is coming soon.  We hope you join us.



Give hackers a day, they can access any device they want almost 100% of the time - thanks to the impossibility of keeping blacklists, whitelists, and other threat intelligence up to date.  Our patented Trojan Trapper firewall solves this problem by blocking all spyware without requiring any blacklists, whitelists, or any other threat intelligence feeds.  It works consistently because it's security by design (not by data feeds).


We've made our revolutionary protection extremely easy to use.  We added the patented Trojan Trapper firewall to our VPN service.  Simply access the internet through our VPN, and the Trojan Trapper firewall protection is automatically included.


Our combined VPN/Firewall protection costs only $10 per account per month.  Companies running our firewall locally pay only $5 per user per month.  Server protection is offered at a low, annual price per server per year.

"This method can also be efficient against sophisticated phishing attacks..."

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